It has been two years since my last post.

What was with the radio silence? Well… lots of things got in the way. Life, injuries, etc…

This blog has undergone many changes, and a couple of years back I started writing about my runs because that was my focus. But then I stopped running due to injuries, and so there wasn’t anything else to write about. Well… actually there are still many run events that I took part in which I haven’t written about, but who wants to read about runs that took place 2 years ago, right?

So I stopped writing because I was disappointed and frustrated about my injuries, and decided to focus on getting on with life, and recuperating from my injuries.


There is still something I am passionate about though, and that is fitness. So I will be rebranding this blog to share my experiences and opinions on health and fitness.

Thank you all for your patience and for your support, in spite of my radio silence!

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