I rarely write product reviews, but this is one review which really needs to be written!

My friend, Mei Ling runs a website where she sells nyonya hand beaded shoes online, with a wide range of lovely designs. To be honest, I had never heard of nyonya hand beaded shoes prior to this; then on a recent visit to Malacca, I saw nyonya hand beaded shoes everywhere, with equally lovely designs!

However what makes my friend’s offering so unique is that she offers not only normal walking shoes, but the nyonya beaded designs can also be placed on dance shoes!

Nyonya Beaded Shoes by Steppin' Out
Nyonya Beaded Shoes by Steppin’ Out. Visit www.nyonyabeadedshoes.com

I had the opportunity of obtaining a pair of black high heel shoes from Mei Ling at nyonyabeadedshoes.com.

My lovely pair of black nyonya beaded shoes
My lovely pair of black nyonya beaded shoes

I opted for walking shoes instead of dance shoes, even though I would have loved to own  pair of dance shoes. The problem for me though is that because I dance competitively, the way I danced would have removed all the beads from the shoes! (Yes, the dancing is that aggressive.)

Plus, by getting walking shoes, I would have more opportunities for showing off the lovely designs.

Me in my lovely black shoes!
Me in my lovely black shoes!
The nyonya beaded shoes go with anything! Here I am in pants.
The nyonya beaded shoes go with anything! Here I am in pants.
The shoes also work great with a pretty dress
The shoes also work great with a pretty dress

What makes Steppin’ Out shoes so great?

The comfort.

Initially when I looked at the photos, I thought the shoes would not be comfortable. Surely the beads would cut into the foot? But when I tried on a pair – I was blown away! The shoes are carefully beaded over silk linings, so when you slide your foot in, you don’t feel the beads at all! In fact, the shoes are even more comfortable than many other walking shoes that I’ve owned!

The support.

The shoe is extremely well-structured, with plenty of support provided at the heel and arch area. Because I have flat feet (which brings about a host of feet and back-related problems), I opted for heel support instead of open straps at the heel/ankle area.

The shoe is designed the way dance shoes are, with firm heel area that holds the ankle; so when walking, the shoe moves with the foot instead of sliding out of the foot, and the heel doesn’t hit the shoe everytime I take a step.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with the shoe as it is rare to find walking shoes that are able to provide this level of support.

Customized design.

Nyonyabeadedshoes.com offers a wide range of customization. You can choose from a wide variety of flower patterns, choose your heel height (between 0.5 to 3 inches), choose heel support or ankle straps, and whether you wish to have walking soles or dancing soles. With this many options, you can make your shoes just the way you want them to!

So many options!
So many options!
So many designs!
So many designs!

In fact, nyonyabeadedshoes.com goes a step further. Not only are they able to make all the above customizations, but they can make shoes to your special requests. In my case, the front of my feet are narrower than the average person of my shoe size. This makes it difficult for me to buy shoes off the rack, and especially online stores, because my feet would usually be “swimming” in the shoe. If I wanted a fitting pair, I have to get shoes which are customized to my narrow fronts. Good shoemakers are always able to accommodate this request, and nyonyabeadedshoes.com was no different. The shoes were designed to my exact specifications.

The price of the shoes are also really quite affordable, given the level of customization and the loveliness of these shoes. So if you are looking for a pair of shoes that will stand out in a party, I suggest you try nyonyabeadedshoes.com!

And no, this is not a paid advertorial!



Nyonya Beaded Shoes







  • Completely customizable
  • Unique patterns and designs
  • Great for social dancing and evening dinners


  • Not suitable for competitive dancing

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